tv week

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beckett, Zoë and I are on the cover of the new issue of TV Week Magazine . The shoot was on May 3rd and it was pure chaos! Katyann Davidson was the photographer, she’s incredibly talented and patient. Zoë wasn’t in the best of moods in the morning, it made picture taking challenging – she even refused a nap that day, so you can imagine how the afternoon went! Things did improve once we started on the cupcakes, whew. Beckett is always easy, he loved it when we pulled out the paints – the boy loves to paint a picture.
These are some photos that didn't make it into the magazine......
I hope you like the issue, it was a lot of fun to do and I’m very honoured that TV Week asked us to be on the cover. TV Week Magazine is in stores now!  xx

q&a with flourish design + style

Sarah from flourish design + style contacted me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would do q & a with her - I was so honoured!  I LOVE Sarah's blog, she posts the most amazing designs.  I check her blog every day and am never disappointed....oh a girl can dream!

Our interview was posted this morning....thank you Sarah for having me on your blog, very sweet of you.  xx

in the garden

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zoë and I spent the other morning in the garden. Gardenwise Magazine was at our house to shoot our garden, it was very exciting and terrifying for me! I love gardening, I'm not very good at it but I'm trying. My mom is the most amazing gardener I know...I'm hoping that her talent rubs off on me and my kids. Miss Z loves being outside and so far it seems that gardening is right up her alley! Beckett was at play school when we did the shoot, he would have loved it - he's definitely an outdoors guy. 

The Gardenwise issue with our garden in it will be out in a couple of weeks. I'll post the cover shot as soon as they send it to me. I snapped the shot above of Zoë as she did some gardening by my favourite garden gnome, isn't he great? He's designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell and he was an engagement gift. I love gnomes, my collection continues to grow in the garden and in the house!

happy, happy day

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!  This is a photo of my beautiful mom holding me, I look pretty fresh and that art on the wall makes me think that we are in the hospital ready to go home.  This would be right before Mother's Day, my mom's first. I was almost 10 pounds when I was born and my mom was in labour for 48 hours - you'd never know what she went through by looking at this photo - her smile is gorgeous - and that hair!
I received my very first homemade Mother's Day card.  Beckett brought it home from Daycare, he also gave me a a little pot with a bean sprout in it! It is beautiful and I love it. This is what I have been waiting for, homemade gifts made with love by the people I love most.

Happy Mother's Day to you, I hope it's filled with love and laughs. xx