Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm a super sentimental person, I save everything and love to reflect on my many memories.  I hold onto art projects and baby bracelets, photos of family members I have never met, old records and china.  The past fascinates me....I hope one of my kids shares my love of a good memory.

Lori Joy Smith is an artist who now lives in PEI (she use to live in BC)...I have always admired her work and dreamt of the piece I would own.  When reading her blog (which I love) I stumbled upon her fabric portraits.....I e-mailed Lori Joy right way!  After a few notes back and forth and a couple of photos of Beckett and Zoë, Lori Joy worked her magic and sent me the portraits.  Aren't they the sweetest?  I love them so much, I can't wait to order one for Poppy!  The portraits are perfect and I can't wait to pass them on to my babies when they are all grown up. xx

my new friend

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Isn't he the sweetest?  I have always wanted an Elf on the Shelf - now I have one.  Here's the deal, the Elf works for Santa, he arrives at your house to watch your kids and report back to the big guy on whether the kids are good or bad.  The Elf is only allowed to talk to Santa and Mommy & Daddy, he perches himself on a shelf to watch the kids....they can talk to him but they can't touch him.  This is good stuff. Your kids are suppose to name the Elf and each night while your kids are sleeping you move the Elf to a new location in the house.  It's quite exciting for the kids to wake up and go in search of their new pal.
Beckett and Zoë haven't met the Elf yet, he'll arrive December 1st. Naming him should be interesting!  The Elf comes with a beautiful book which we have been reading every night. I love that this little guy was created by a mom for her kids. Our kids are super young, I'm not sure they will grasp the concept of the Elf quite yet but I hope this become a tradition for us.  I love the magic of it.  The Elf on the Shelf is available at EiO at 18th and Cambie in Vancouver. 

it's been a while....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How is it possible that it's the middle of November?  I haven't posted in almost a month, nuts.  Life is busy but good...we're having a lot of fun.  I thought I would post some photos of Zoë's birthday party.  It was in September, I'm a little behind on my posts!  Still can't believe she is now two.  
 The girl likes to bake.....a lot.
We made sugar cookies for everyone to take home after the party, Z's and hearts - one hundred and fifty of them!
The cake was fun to make....my friend Denise is the real baker and my teacher - she's a true Betty Crocker.
Dave and Saleema made the birthday sign out of scrapbook paper, my mom made the poufs (three are now hanging in Zoë's room).
It was a good time, lots of friends and family...and food! xx