a sigh of relief

Friday, July 23, 2010

This photo breaks my heart.  Poor little bug, he's getting his blood test and didn't cry but wow was he sad.  It's routine that each year as we near Beckett's birthday he goes through a series of tests and appointments.  In the last two weeks we have been to the lab at Children's Hospital for his complete blood work, Audiology for a hearing test, the Ophthalmologist for an eye check-up (he has cataracts) and then to the Paediatrician for his yearly check-up.
photo by ka davidson
I'm happy and relieved to report that all is good with Master Beckett. It's quite stressful waiting for results, I can't help but go through the worst case scenario as I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep.  So when the eye doctor says his eyes look good and the cataracts haven't grown, I smile and sigh.  When the audiologist checks B's ears and says that his hearing is "normal", I feel relief.  The big one is the blood results, we head to the doctor's and when we learn that his blood is good, I'm so grateful I could cry.
photo by ka davidson

When you have a child with special needs there are a lot of tests, you're always watching and noticing and like any parent you are always worrying.  We have a lifetime of tests ahead of us, unfortunately I was born a worrier, my worrying is far more intense since I have had children.  I try to keep it under wraps, control it....I don't want it to rule my life.  Right now, as we approach Beckett's 3rd birthday, I'm happy and so thankful that my babes are well.....may all our babes be well. xx