miss z is four

Monday, September 24, 2012

I can't believe my girl is four today....she was such a tiny little peach...my memories of her in my arms are vivid & I'm so grateful. I love looking back at the photos, I was a photo taking machine - it's shocking how much this babe has changed.
She has always been a firecracker, right from day one...she still is & that makes me happy. It's exhausting sometimes but I love that this girl is spicy.
Her personality is dynamic, her empathy is deep and her humour is off the charts. I love being around her. We all do. 
Miss Z is very excited to turn four, although she told me she can't wait to turn five. I explained how lucky she is to be a kid...there's no hurry to grow up....
It's such an exciting time for our family, our kids are growing & new experiences are around every corner. Baking, swimming, skating, skiing, school...questions & laughs everyday. 
It was hard to pick just a few photos of Miss Z....I have so many favourites, each one comes with a story & great memories. So....Happy Birthday Miss Z...thank you for the joy you bring to our hearts.

a big step

Friday, September 21, 2012

This has been a tough year - it's much better now - but it has been a rocky road. I haven't written much on my blog lately but that will change soon.  I'm feeling inspired, creative and like my old self again. A few weeks ago I sat down with TVW magazine and told my story...the story of my health and what happened to me at the beginning of 2012. It wasn't easy. What happened to me in January was extremely traumatic, I'm still processing it all. I really struggled with speaking about this but in my heart I knew it was part of the healing process and hopefully an opportunity to inform others about something most have never heard of. Today the TVW magazine hit stands, I can't take it back now - it's out there! It's been a big day for me, I feel a little exposed, my secret is out. I will write more about it here in the next little while, I have so much more to tell. I also have some really cute photos of Beckett's 5th birthday party and Poppy's 2nd birthday party that I want to share....Zoë's turns 4 on Monday...I'm in party planning mode!  As I said, I'm feeling like my old self....thank goodness. xx