the garden

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's always been a secret dream of mine to have a beautiful garden and have it featured in a magazine.  My garden is a work in progress, with two toddlers, a baby on the way and a full-time job there's not a lot of extra time for gardening.  I was shocked when GardenWise Magazine called and said they wanted to feature my garden in their magazine.  I was so excited!  I only started to freak out about a week before they arrived - my garden is not my dream garden...yet.  We did the shoot in May, plants in Vancouver weren't exactly thriving - the weather has been horrible here for a while.  Knowing that Heather Cameron would be on site to style the shoot made me feel much better!  She's an incredible talent...check out her blog A Day in the Country.  They delivered the magazine to me today, it's on stands now.  

This is a photo  from my camera on shoot day...Master B was at daycare, so Miss Z was my little helper.  When we moved into our house two years ago we tore out the entire garden, it wasn't really a garden it was a bunch of filler.  We started from scratch, it's been a fun and creative process that never seems to end.  I'm happy that both of our kids love being in the garden, I can't wait til I can teach them how to pull weeds!
My favourite plant in our garden is the Himalayan Blue Poppy, isn't she a beauty?  

a week of nothing

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dave and I just spent a week in Palm Springs - without the kids.  It was so nice to float in the pool, sleep in, read magazines and do absolutely nothing - but we missed our kids SO MUCH.  B & Z stayed at home with my Aunt and Uncle, every time we phoned home (which was a lot) the kids would either squeal with joy or cry hysterically.    At 2-1/2 and 1-1/2 they are just too young to understand where we went and I'm sure a week to them felt like a month.
So as great as it was to feel the sun shine on my skin and rest my very pregnant self, I found myself panicking about my kids and their feelings. I'm such a worrier now. Know what I mean?  We got back late Friday night, I spent Saturday afternoon at Children's Hospital Emergency with Zoë, all is good now. Beckett is now very sick, he has a temperature and is super congested. Poor bugs.  I really don't see us going on vacation without them anytime soon!  
I love this picture!  This massive cactus was just outside the front door of our friend's house where we's awesome.