happy mother's day

Sunday, May 13, 2012

It was such a great day, so sunny & warm - finally!  My mom, mother-in-law & father-in-law came over, the plan was turkey burgers & salad....after a visit to the beach.
Poppy sat in one spot and didn't move, she picked up her sister's sunglasses and her shovel and she got down to some beach business. It was good.
Zoë is also fond of digging, she stalked a family who had dug a massive hole in the sand. As soon as they left to go home, Zoë moved in...it was tough to convince her to share her find.
My boy rocked the beach, he went in the water - fully clothed. He barely sat still, it was such a good time.This is B in the car to come home...he was so tired!
My mom is such a beauty in this photo, when I see myself in this photo now I see Zoë - it's amazing, even the look on my face in this photo is all Zoë. Love the wood paneling.This is my fourth Mother's Day...I think this one was the best. Maybe it's because this year has been such a tough one, when your health gives you a good scare you can't help but slow it down and really take stock of what you have to be grateful for.
I can't believe my boy is going to be five this August, how time flies by. I love this photo. I was so excited to be a mom. Beckett was the best baby and although we were at first surprised & sad to discover he had Down syndrome, it didn't last for long - that's pure joy on my face in this photo. I feel extreme love every time I look at him, I'm lucky to be his mama.
I dyed my hair dark when I went on maternity leave with Miss Z, I eventually went back to blond but now that I take a look at this picture I kinda like the shiny dark hair! When Zoë came along we were so excited, a baby girl - Dave always joked that he hoped she would look like me but act like him. My friends think that's hilarious. The joke is on Dave though, Zoë looks like me and acts like me, she is my mini-me....and I love it.
And then came Poppy. This girl started out with so much black hair, now she's the fairest of them all. With her beautiful blue eyes, light brown hair & ivory skin she melts my heart....and she's so sweet & easygoing - a lot like her Daddy.
I love being a mother. I had a great day with my family. Happy Mother's Day to you...I hope your day was lovely.