poppy's 2nd birthday party

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A week after Beckett's dinosaur bash we went toadstool crazy & brought out the gnomes. Poppy loves gnomes and I love that she loves them. I mentioned in Beckett's birthday party post that I would lay in bed while recovering last January and dream on my kid's birthday party themes. Poppy's was easy, she loves gnomes...it then became a challenge for me to come up with different ways to decorate.
Once again the cookies were made by Sonia at Sweet Sugary Things. My incredibly creative mom made the toadstools on the table and gnome hats for everyone...the dahlias were picked from her garden that morning. Beckett enjoyed playing his birthday gift for everyone. I bought Poppy's sweet dress from The Cross months before her birthday, I saw it & knew it would be perfect on her. The little edible toadstools are cheese & cherry tomatoes with cream cheese dots. Dave painted eight brown stools & transformed them into little toadstools for the backyard.
I can't begin to express how much I love the cake. My friend Denise was the mastermind behind this sweet, little gnome cake. You can see Denise watching me pipe...she is so much fun to dream up a party with. I was given the gnome on the cake by a friend years ago and I ordered the toadstools on Etsy.
It was was so good...barely a crumb was left. With Beckett & Zoë nearby, Poppy didn't stand a chance blowing out her candles. Once again my friend Mika was there to take photos of the party.
This photo kind of says it all.....
As you can see, getting a family shot is a challenge. We eventually gave up.
It was a good time. A gnome garden party is a fun theme, the possibilities are endless. One more party to post...and then I'll start dreaming of next year's parties.

beckett's 5th birthday party

Okay, I'm a little behind in my posts...just a little. Beckett's 5th birthday party was in August & I'm just getting around to posting some photos now. Yikes. We had a great time, it was a beautiful August day - friends & family gathered around for a dinosaur party to celebrate sweet Beckett turning 5.
The cookies were made by Sonia at Sweet Sugary Things (she made our cookies last year too) they were so delicious....and sweet. The beautiful cake was made by my friend Denise, she is incredibly talented - a realtor who can bake & cook like nobody's business. My friend Mika Inokoshi took the party photos.
Just about everything "dinosaur" came from The Dinosaur Corporation - they had it all and the delivery was fast. The piñata was a big hit, although somewhat dangerous....we had to hold off the crowd of toddlers!
My mom made the dinosaur terrariums & the big balloons came from The Party Bazaar. The best part about the party was just watching it happen.
When I was in the hospital last January I would fall asleep while dreaming of my kid's birthday parties. I would go through every small detail...I truly believe it's what helped me heal. It made me so happy to dream of the parties & anticipate the look of joy on my little one's faces.