painting with grampa

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Zoë is spending the weekend at Grammy and Grampa's.  It's good times as you can see, this weekend she is learning how to paint.  Zoë's Grampa is well-known West Coast artist Robert Genn - not a bad person to get a lesson from!
Robert, or Bob as we call him, set up an easel for Miss Z and they spent the afternoon painting away.
Very similar styes, don't you think?
I love her concentration in this photo while Grampa checks in on how she's doing.  Zoë is quite good at following directions.  So sweet.
This is Zoë's completed work, she's an abstract expressionist - I love her use of color!  


Wanderlusting said...

Robert Genn? Wow! What a lucky (and talented) kid :)


corduroygirl said...

That is so adorable!

Cathy said...

What an amazing experience for them both!

Heather Cameron said...

This reminds me of my girl and my dad - he's also an artist. Love the painting!

Brenna said...

It's never too early to learn and what a great teacher!

mrs shortcake said...

How fun! Bob is a great grampa!

Interesting note:

Our inlaws are neighbors on Beckett!
I stumbled across your blog while looking for flashcard examples, strangely enough. Small world!