our boy is three

Monday, August 9, 2010

photo by ka davidson
Sweet Beckett just turned three, how fast time flies.  These past three years have been the best of my life....I can't imagine life without our little man, he's pure joy.  We celebrated Beckett's birthday with a party with friends & family the day before his actual birthday & then on the big day our friend (& amazing photographer) Katyann came over to take some photos of Beckett. 
photo by ka davidson
Dave bought a drum kit for Beckett when he was born, we put it out in the backyard for some photos and when he sat down, it was like he was born to play!  Hilarious.
My friend Denise came over in the morning and made Beckett's cake - seriously - what a talent!  I dreamed of making the cake and Denise just swooped in and whipped it up.  She also made the cupcakes, the fruit platter, the veggie platter, the 7-layer dip and chicken skewers with peanut sauce.  Denise is a force (and a good friend).
It was a Thomas the Tank Engine theme, as you can see Beckett loves Thomas! Zoë on the other hand was only concerned with the cake/cupcakes and the bubble machine.  
Baby number three is set to arrive in less than a week. We're getting very excited around here....I can't believe I'm going to be a mama to three kids!  Next up in the birthday department is Zoë on September 24th, I'm looking forward to planning a fun party to celebrate our girl turning two.  Next year I'll be planning a birthday party for Beckett the beginning of August, number three's will  be the middle of August and then Zoë will be in September.  Fun times.


Vintage Home said...

...Pretty groovey musician there!...Love the Thomas cake!...WOW!...Happy Days for all of you!..Colleen

Purplestamper said...

Love the drum set and the cake is awesome. My sixteen year old son had a Thomas party when he was four. We had it at the Bear Creek Train. Good times. Enjoy every minute. Wishing you all the best as you add another little chick to your nest.


sarah, flourish design + style said...

Happy happy birthday sweet little Beckett! And only a week.. wow, I'll be thinking of you, best wishes and good luck. xoxo

Sharon said...

What a beautiful boy you have! Love his cake and him on the drums. Hmmm..wonder what Zoe will play.. or sing!

karen said...

Happy Birthday Beckett! That cake is gorgeous. I occasionally volunteer to make cakes for friends' kids because it is so much easier (and more enjoyable) when one is not be responsible for the rest of the fun.

Best wishes in the next few weeks with #3 ... my three are pretty excited for you (fans, all three) as they have watched you through your 3 pregnancies. (My youngest is also 3 this year ... what a great age!)

corduroygirl said...

Aww, he's so adorable, great pictures. I love Beckett's face looking at the train! My son had a Thomas birthday when he turned three. He's ten now, and his wooden trains and track were one of the things I saved for him. We have great memories of his "Thomas days".
Good luck in the coming week, hope everything goes smoothly!

Diane said...

Time flies so fast. My Nicholas turned 3 in May and I can hardly believe it. My Claire is 17 months old today and I'm thinking we should have a 3rd. It's so true what they say, you blink and they're grown up. Happy Birthday, Beckett! And Tamara, I hope that next week goes well for you and your family :)

jan said...

Oh wow! Happy Birthday Beckett!

Yay for Thomas, and Double-yay for good friends who can make amazing cakes!

Good luck with the exciting week ahead!

Pinecone Camp said...

Looks like a fun birthday party! Happy Birthday Master Beckett!

kate / tinywarbler said...

hi tamara! happy birthday beckett. yes, it sounds like you will be very busy with birthday parties....so fun!

Sharon said...

Tamara I just re-read this post about Beckett's birthday and I was again struck with what an awesome friend you have - to come in and make the cake, cupcakes, fruit platter, etc. etc. Just what we need when we are hot, tired and very pregnant - a wife, not a maid!! Her value is gold that friend of yours! The kind we all wish we had if we don't have one.

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

Saw your Twit-pic - Poppy is perfect! Nice birthday gift for B.

Enjoy Every.Single.Minute. They grow up too quickly!