it's been a while....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How is it possible that it's the middle of November?  I haven't posted in almost a month, nuts.  Life is busy but good...we're having a lot of fun.  I thought I would post some photos of Zoë's birthday party.  It was in September, I'm a little behind on my posts!  Still can't believe she is now two.  
 The girl likes to bake.....a lot.
We made sugar cookies for everyone to take home after the party, Z's and hearts - one hundred and fifty of them!
The cake was fun to friend Denise is the real baker and my teacher - she's a true Betty Crocker.
Dave and Saleema made the birthday sign out of scrapbook paper, my mom made the poufs (three are now hanging in Zoë's room).
It was a good time, lots of friends and family...and food! xx


Lovin That! said...

What a beautiful birthday party! Great job on the cake too!! My daughter turned 2 in May and I used those poms as well (so cute). Looks like a great party.

Sarah said...

What a cute little baking apprentice you have there.
Beautiful looking party!

Pinecone Camp said...

Hey, it looks like our baking day will be a breeze! Look at you go with that cake. Well done.

meg duerksen said...

that is prettiest cake ever!
i am partial to pink though.

i came over here from my stats page. You have such a pretty little family. you make me want another baby! :)

jan said...

can i just ask what all that food is on those sticks? they look so fun!