beckett's 4th birthday party

Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh we had a good time. We went with a Yo Gabba Gabba theme for Beckett's 4th birthday. If you haven't heard of Yo Gabba Gabba, check it out - it's a good time. We know all the songs around here. I ordered Dave's DJ Lance Rock outfit online and my mom made furry hats for everyone.
The cake was fun! My friend Denise made it, she'll tell you that we both made it but we didn't. I put a bit of the green icing on Brobee but the cake was all Denise! It looked perfect and tasted great. Denise is the kind of person that shows up and makes stuff happen. Thank goodness. Oh yeah, she also made the food - seriously. The woman is a machine.
The cookies were made by Sonia at Sugary Sweet Things in Delta. She is amazing - what an artist! I really wanted to make the cookies again this year but it wasn't a reality. Life is full and my oven is broken. Let's face it, my cookies would not have looked like this! Oh, they were delicious.
I love birthday parties and celebrating another year. Toddler parties are truly exhausting and I have three of them in a row. Poppy's 1st birthday party was the week after Beckett's (photos to come) and Zoë's is in September. Clean up is made a little easier thanks to our dog Stanley. This year I decided to get help in the photography department, I love taking photos but it's way too chaotic to get it all. Mika came by and documented the day. Best decision ever.
I ordered all of the party favours online at Birthday Express, the lanterns were from Cathay Importers and the balloons from The Party Bazaar.
Beckett knew the party was for him and he had a great time. He was surrounded by family and friends. Zoë was a bit confused about when her party was, it's tough turning three and watching your brother and sister party before you. We will celebrate again soon.


karen said...

Oh, how I love four. My last little guy turned four in the spring and, life being what it is I still owe him that party, as he keeps reminding me. I think it is just the recovery from three, each and every one of my three's fourth birthday party was a healthy six months late. It's a good thing their friends parents accept me for who I am!

And I can relate to Zoe, both as a middle child and as a mom of two children born very close together. At three, as much as they can celebrate, they just really really really want things to be all about them. I figure they just can't help it!

Happy birthday Beckett. Your birth lightened the world, and not just that of your family. You are lucky enough to have been anticipated, expected and happily welcomed by a whole entire city! (Or at least my girls who watched your mom's pregnancy on TV, while they were having their brother incubate (Adam was born at the end of March). It was like they were old experts of the process as your mom got bigger.


Krista said...

Looks like a blast. You just send Denise this way next June for Ella's birthday!

Pinecone Camp said...

Now that's a birthday party! Dave looks absolutely spectacular, and Beckett looks beyond thrilled.

Reb - Life Doesn't Have to Suck blog said...

Love Yo Gabba Gabba! Your cake looked awesome!