poppy is three

Friday, August 16, 2013

My baby. My baby is three today. I have been thinking about this day for weeks, trying to hold onto Poppy's last days as a two year old with all my might. I'm not ready for her to be three. When we have our bedtime story and our nightly song and cuddle together I remind her that she is my baby.  She says "I not a baby, I a girl". True. But she will always be my baby.
photo by ka davidson
Poppy came into the world at 8:17am weighing 8 pounds 15 ounces, she was 20.5 inches long - born on my grandparent's wedding anniversary. Her shock of black hair was amazing, we were convinced that our third baby most reflected Dave's Japanese heritage. We were wrong.
just a few days old with my childhood teddy bear
We were so excited to bring Poppy home to meet her big brother and sister, imagining our household as a family of five. It was an exciting time and still is.  I love the relationship that has developed between these three.
photo by ka davidson
photo by mika inokoshi
This photo is of Poppy when she was 6 months old, as you can see she doesn't have her dark hair or eyes or olive skin. Dave and I never thought we would have a blue-eyed babe...I love staring into those baby blues.
photo by ka davidson
This is Poppy on her first birthday. Her personality is sweet, her laugh is infectious and her cuddles are addictive. 
photo by kyrani kanavaros
This is my favourite photo of Poppy. It was taken in our backyard, I look at this photo and see magic. This is a girl who will do great things, she will dream big and light up the world with her spark. Her love for Beckett and Zoë is pure joy, I know they will be best friends for life.
photo by kyrani kanavaros
This is Poppy at two years old, taken in the same park as her portrait on her first birthday. Sweet.
photo by kyrani kanavaros
Christmas 2012. They hold my heart. 
photo by kyrani kanavaros
Happy birthday sweet Poppy. You are three today. You are and always will be my baby. Thank you for filling my heart with so much love. xx


Jan Halvarson said...

Aw what a sweet post - and I remember when you announced her birth! How time flies! Happy Birthday Poppy! Such a great name!

Lovin That! said...

She is so beautiful!! Big happy birthday wishes!

Julia said...

Awww she is beautiful! I also remember when you announced her birth. My baby was just 17 months then, and will be starting Pre-K in two weeks... how time flies. Happy Birthday, Poppy!

Vintage Home said...

so adorable!

Avnish said...

My daughter has also same name she is also sweet.

Avnish said...

my poppy is two ... :) fews days ago she become two.