hot chocolate for the holidays

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sometimes you just need to make some hot chocolate and get some cookies, my kids think its a good idea. I packed up the kids last weekend and took them over to photographer Kyrani from Kilk Photography's house. She has a lovely white kitchen, we thought we'd try for a family photo - clearly my husband is missing here so the plan failed.  We did get some fun shots though and no one complained about the large hot chocolate consumption.

My friend Shannon is opening her new bakery soon, Kat (amazing pastry chef) made these cookies - incredible and way too pretty to eat but we managed.  Watch for Liberty to reopen on Main Street soon, I can't wait to see what Shannon & Kat create!

The mugs, garland & glitter house are all local finds. I tend to start buying Christmas decorations early, then find myself with an overwhelming amount of treats that never seem to match. This is the problem when you don't have a plan and you just get what makes you happy. 

Happy is what I am, especially when I look at these pictures.  Happy Holidays. xx

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