miss z is four

Monday, September 24, 2012

I can't believe my girl is four today....she was such a tiny little peach...my memories of her in my arms are vivid & I'm so grateful. I love looking back at the photos, I was a photo taking machine - it's shocking how much this babe has changed.
She has always been a firecracker, right from day one...she still is & that makes me happy. It's exhausting sometimes but I love that this girl is spicy.
Her personality is dynamic, her empathy is deep and her humour is off the charts. I love being around her. We all do. 
Miss Z is very excited to turn four, although she told me she can't wait to turn five. I explained how lucky she is to be a kid...there's no hurry to grow up....
It's such an exciting time for our family, our kids are growing & new experiences are around every corner. Baking, swimming, skating, skiing, school...questions & laughs everyday. 
It was hard to pick just a few photos of Miss Z....I have so many favourites, each one comes with a story & great memories. So....Happy Birthday Miss Z...thank you for the joy you bring to our hearts.

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Lisa said...

What a beautiful little girl! She looks so happy. Great job momma!