zoë's 5th birthday party

Monday, April 21, 2014

While I'm on a roll of birthday party postings...here's Zoë's 5th birthday party - we went with a Fairy theme. The school year had just started and as much as Zoë wanted to invite everyone, I talked her into a small gathering at home.  I realize that hosting birthday parties at home is coming to an end...I really don't want it to - I love having them at home.
Auntie Denise made the cake...a masterpiece in all it's purple/lavender ombre glory. The cupcakes were from Sweet Bake Shop and the cookies were once again from Whisk. I bought the marshmallows at Butter Baked Goods, Denise made the squares and my mom made the tea sandwiches. It was a rainy day & surprisingly dark outside for late September. All of the photos are by Kyrani Kanavaros.
It was a great day and fun to look back on these photos. I'm already planning this year's birthday parties, just tossing the ideas around in my head...hoping I can squeeze in one more year at home! xx


Lisa said...

You throw awesome parties! Seriously, your photos are great memories for your kids.

Vintage Home said...

OH my goodness that cake is a piece of yummy art work....love the colours! don't stop doing home parties! They are the best and in your case the most beautiful!
Your beautiful daughter is sure to remember all the delightful effort you have gone to to create this experience!